Архангельская клиническая
офтальмологическая больница
Министерство здравоохранения Архангельской области

Name of the institution
State autonomous health institution of the Arkhangelsk region “Arkhangelsk Clinical Ophthalmic Hospital”

Specialities of reference

Licence on health care provision № Л041-00110-29/00553317 issued on 22.10.2019 by Federal service for Supervision in Health Care

Team & center excellence – international reference:
Arkhangelsk Clinical  Ophthalmic Hospital is a prestigious ophthalmological center in Arkhangelsk opened in 1976. It has highly qualified staff, advanced medical equipment, great experience. For over forty years our institution has been considered to be one of the best ophthalmological hospitals in the North-West of Russia. Our hospital hosts the Department of Eye Diseases of the Northern State Medical University. 
A famous Russian academician S.N. Fedorov worked for some years in our hospital and headed the department of eye diseases of Arkhangelsk state medical institute.
The diagnostic base of the hospital allows carrying out all the necessary diagnostic procedures for prompt diagnosis and timely treatment. Our operating rooms (5 operating units) are equipped with advanced equipment to perform a full range of surgical interventions, including high-tech techniques as well as refractive surgery with the use of excimer laser.

Key figures
More than 6,000 in-patients, 4,400 out-patients, 52,000 visits per year;
More than 10,500 surgery procedures per year;
The floor space of the hospital is 13,700 sq.m.
2 operation theatres, 5 operating units

Technology/equipment of referens:
Surgical microscopes (OPMI LUMERA 700 ZEISS, LEIKA)
Optical devices with spectral domain technology (CIRRUS HD-OCT)
Precision corneal topography system (ALLEGRO TOPOLYSER VARIO) 
Retinal camera (NRC-50DX)
Biometrs, eratometrs
Ultrasonic B scanner
Eximer laser devices (WaveLight EX500, ALCON)

Competitive advantages:
The hospital specializes in cataract surgery, retina and vitreous surgery, refractive surgery, glaucoma treatment, general ophthalmology.

Experience with international patients
We are sure that care and attention are as important as innovation. Our values: hospitality, respect for each patient and responsibility for the result. 

How to apply for medical treatment
If you are a foreign citizen and want to travel to Russia for medical treatment at Arkhangelsk Clinical  Ophthalmic Hospital you should  contact us by e-mail. 

E-mail: aokob@aokob.ru  

Your request will then be processed in the shortest possible time and you will receive a personal reply. In order to provide you with a very precise case investigation, we will need to know which services you wish to receive. Kindly send us all the available medical records such as medical reports, OCT, B-scan, etc.
We will send you an appointment letter that you can use to apply for Visa. Please note that the decision to grant or refuse visas is made by the Russian authorities. The appointment letter that we provide to foreign patients does not guarantee the issuance of the visa.

On arrival 
We offer international patients transfer from the airport, personal assistant and translator. Translation of medical records. 
We speak Russian, English, German.

Treatment in Russia